The possessor is desolate without me: a picture:                 a pickpocketing where the pocket is stolen, its contents left intact. This is almost about                             something but then not as I shift to another thing: another picture: little box like a pin cushion but not                 prickly: lacks tacks. Little box exactly like a mouth, a compiling of … Continue reading SELF-COLLECTION CEREMONY

The Second Death

imagine a warship—heavy with cannons, overgrown with gold. imagine its heavy body, its mossy stomach— dipping in and out of the water like a swan. imagine the first voyage—the dock a confetti of color. a girl blows a kiss—her breath mixing with the spray. remember how mermaids wink from the ship’s prow, how sea monsters … Continue reading The Second Death

Mirror, Mirror

There was a kingdom in the clouds. Cradled too close by mountain peaks, the populace throbbed at the brim. Houses climbing cliffs like animals escaping. Each year rooftops rested closer to the stars; each year tunnels rooted deeper into stone. Tremors shivered through glass and steel. Engineers and architects calculated loads in the margins, torque … Continue reading Mirror, Mirror

The Love You Take

Lahore, Easter Sunday, 2016 The love you take creates entropy after you — limbs, seared flesh, the taste of blood lancing through air, toy shrapnel littering the grassy knoll, almost like dew. Later, we attempt to contain it in coffins with body parts covered in bolts of fabric and arranged neatly in human form. The … Continue reading The Love You Take